G&T 2.0, an exciting gin based alcobev from SALUD beverages.

A modern styled ready to drink which has universal appeal thanks to both its diverse natural flavours and character. The vibe of the brand is beautifully captured in the drink and hence it caters to its target audience that is one and all.


Classy, pure and modern defines our Original, that makes you experience a singular botanical identity. Confluence of the resplendent English Juniper and the effervescence of Indian Tonic is the way we got the most flavourful and versatile drinking experience to life.


Aromatherapy in a bottle. Crafting subtle French Lavender together with the Indian Tonic and English Juniper to provide a bright, lively and refreshing drink that is quite distinctive and almost ethereal. A classy yet modern take on a drink that feels like a party in a bottle.


An ode to an English afternoon in the Indian tropics. We have skilfully crafted English Juniper, along with succulent English cucumber and Indian Tonic to get you an invigorating beverage that transports to your special place in the world.


Cheers to summer The classic melding of English Juniper and Indian Tonic meets the oh-so-cooling vitality of watermelon and the zesty thrill of mint for an experience like a summer holiday in a bottle.


A classic Japanese mix - soda tonic water and gin
A super refreshing, 99 calorie, low-sugar drink with a singular botanical identity.
A dazzling mix of English Juniper and the effervescence of Indian Tonic and Soda. Making every vibrant sip of sonic a unique tasting experience.


A classic with a kick Classic English Juniper-crafted gin with hints of citrus flavours that gets an update with an effervescent aerated twist, takes it up a notch. As clean and flavourful as the Original, It packs a higher alcohol punch, and features a stronger flavour profile, accompanied by a lively fizz and a stronger kick.


The House of Salud brings you a unique range of non-alcoholic bitters. Salud Bitters add layers of flavour and depth to your favourite beverages, spirits and more. Explore, play with and transform cocktails, teas, infused drinks, cooking and baking recipes.... the possibilities are endless. Each of our bitters is blended in very small batches to retain the most freshness and fullness of the aromatic flavours and infusions.

They are designed and formulated by using all natural flavours and extracts. Best suited for spirits, sodas and any beverage you want to elevate. Can be used in alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.


Mangoes and Grapefruit from the topics dance with Mediterranean Rosemary to create a vibrant explosion of flavour and add striking dimension


Zesty orange, tangy tangerine and invigorating lemon party together for a bright pop of flavour that's fresh and full of character.


The coolness of pear walks hand-in-hand with the sunniness of pineapple to create a colourful burst of summery flavour that lingers on the palate.


A sweet and woody melody with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. It’s the perfect blend of chocolate and spices, inspiring a flavourful ballad.